Collaborations. Experiments. Innovations.

I love to try out new ways of creating in Digital and Physical space whilst working with individuals and in cross-functional teams.

Experience Design

CY56. CYogesh56. Yogesh Singh.

Known with multiple names online, I’m Yogesh Singh and I’m a self-taught Experience Designer with a Masters degree in Human Computer Interaction. I’m currently working with ALSAC- St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a User Experience Designer. I work with multiple cross-functional teams and a UX team to envision and create the future of Fundraising, manage a Design System and facilitate UCD conversations.

A photo of me standing on a cruise deck.

I ♥︎ to Collaborate and Innovate.

Over the years I have collaborated on numerous projects with friends and coworkers. When I'm not collaborating, I love to spend my time on personal projects. I'm a big advocate of innovation and have worked on lots of innovative projects. One such project was an Art Installation project for DePaul University. I collaborated with a couple of friends to create a plotting machine that uses your heart rate to create artwork on a circular piece of paper that you can take home with you! It was a fun and innovative project which got considered as one of the Most Innovative Projects in DePaul University!

A photo of me standing on a cruise deck.

I serve interesting facts in the form of stories.

Cover image of Job Portal UX medium article.

How better UX for job portals can bring better job applications?

Cover image of online privacy and security medium article.

You think you’re not worth hacking? Think again!

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