That’s me, Yogesh Singh!

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer from Chicago with proficiency in User Experience Design. I love to solve real-world problems and create innovative solutions. I moved here from India to study MS in Human-Computer Interaction and to give my design skills a new edge.

I have been designing since I was a kid and I always loved technology. I vividly remember the day when I failed my Computer Science and Drawing classes in my Middle School for the first time in the semester exams. It was the inception of my love for computers and design. From then on, I never failed.

I learned most of the tools and skills by myself, and coming to the USA to pursue my Master's Degree was like a breakthrough and helped me in transitioning from UI Design to UX and Product Design.

Right now, at the inception of my corporate-creative career, and I'm looking to expand my reach and collaborate with creative minds. I would love to hear the problem that you have for me to solve when we sit together for coffee/lunch.

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About Me

3+ years


User Experience & Product Design


MS Human Computer Interaction


Design over the years

I have always been fond of designing, be it physical or digital. My love for design predates my experience. I started designing with pen and paper, back in my middle school, then learned Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchup, and started experimenting with creating 3D models, graphics and banners. Here are some renditions of my innovative work from past, dating back to the time when I did not even have a computer:

I serve interesting facts in the form of stories.

Everything is interesting, but only a few things are unique. I love what I write, and I write what I love. It sounds like I have read that line somewhere… If you know, let me know in the comments of one of my stories:

How better UX for job portals can bring better job applications?

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You think you’re not worth hacking? Think again!

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Furthermore, I take great photos too!

It is not me, the people I photograph, give me compliments when they receive their photos! I am also on Getty Images, with over 450 pictures available to buy. Here are some samples, for more, please visit my EyeEm Profile.

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